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Teaching the Developmental Movement Pattern Sequence (Braindance) through the lens of technique

If you are already doing the Developmental Movement Pattern Sequence found on my CD Brain Bop (also called the “Braindance” developed by Anne Green Gilbert), you might enjoy using these same 8 patterns to develop a technical warm up for your students ages 7 or 8 and up.

I suggest working with one or more colleagues to brainstorm ideas that work for ballet, modern, jazz or hip-hop. Start with one technique only, and develop a progressive warm up that follows the sequence while also teaching elements and principles of the technique.

Then, film or otherwise document the different sequences and keep them handy. They can be used on a rotating basis.

In my Creative Dance for Children seminar, college students divided into groups and created. I videoed and posted, so that whoever was lead-teaching had a point of departure.  The warm up was refined and improved upon from one week to the next.

In our ages 8-10 class, we divided our semester into 4 weeks each of modern, ballet and hip hop just for the warm up. The rest of the lesson followed a concept-based approach for technique, improvisation and composition. We did refer back to the  “technique of the week” in the across the floor phrases, layering on new technique ideas as they were introduced through the warm up over the course of the semester.

In preparation for our “Informance” (informal, open class), students decided ahead of time which of the three different warm ups they wanted to share. That became the warm up for the demonstration class, shared with parents and friends.

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What to do with …..Haunted House

Haunted House, found on Brain Bop, is an imaginary journey using the eight patterns of The Sequence (Braindance).
Here are visual supports that may help your students visualize the images along the way, especially if they are not familiar with what — for example — cobwebs or a suit of armour look like.

Show these images as you talk students through the sequence of events in this imaginary journey, then show them again  — as quick reference — as you take the journey.  You can print the images on heavy stock, slip them into page protectors and put a single 1-inch book ring on one corner for easy page flipping.

Or you can post them in sequence.

The images are:

The front door of the haunted house
(Talk about the water that’s going to drip on you)
A mouse hole (help them visualize the scale….a mouse is small!)
Old library
Rug that we’ll fly on (on our stomachs)
Revolving bookcase
Dark hall where we have to edge along the wall
Suit of armour we’ll hide (and walk) in.  It’s stiff! Pick the one you like, and wear that one.
Big fireplace we will skip to
Chimney we’ll go up (2 choices are given)

Have fun!

Haunted House Images

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