About Kate

Kate Kuper teaches creative dance, movement and music to children from pre-school through 8th and mentors college students and educators in learning best practices. Kate is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, a national workshop presenter through the Kennedy Center’s Partners in Education program, and the author of four CDs for guiding activities with children: Brain Bop, AlphaBeat, Songs for Dancing and Step On the Beat.

In 1986, the National Endowment for the Arts recognized Kuper for her choreography and in 2000 the Illinois Alliance for Arts Education recognized her contribution to the field of education.

Kate believes in the importance of teaching the whole child through multiple points of entry: seeing, hearing, saying and doing.  Creative and critical thinking are part of every class. Children learn to cooperate, take turns and share.  They learn strategies for self-control and anger management.

Dancing also contributes to growth in other content areas such as reading and math.  All the while, children make brain connections that promote concentration, social skills and academic success. A healthy brain and body makes for a healthy and whole child!


  1. Ellen Huston replied:

    Thank you for your many contributions to the field of early childhood learning and dance. I’m excited to explore your website.

  2. SJ replied:

    I am have been teaching dance to 3-8 year old for the past 4 years and it wasnt until this past year that I started to really look into how delicate and important the role I was playing in these kids lives. It was the development of my almost three year old that opened my eyes. Thank you for sharing all of this information and materials. I am thrilled to get started exploring this site.

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