What to do with …..Haunted House

Haunted House, found on Brain Bop, is an imaginary journey using the eight patterns of The Sequence (Braindance).
Here are visual supports that may help your students visualize the images along the way, especially if they are not familiar with what — for example — cobwebs or a suit of armour look like.

Show these images as you talk students through the sequence of events in this imaginary journey, then show them again  — as quick reference — as you take the journey.  You can print the images on heavy stock, slip them into page protectors and put a single 1-inch book ring on one corner for easy page flipping.

Or you can post them in sequence.

The images are:

The front door of the haunted house
(Talk about the water that’s going to drip on you)
A mouse hole (help them visualize the scale….a mouse is small!)
Old library
Rug that we’ll fly on (on our stomachs)
Revolving bookcase
Dark hall where we have to edge along the wall
Suit of armour we’ll hide (and walk) in.  It’s stiff! Pick the one you like, and wear that one.
Big fireplace we will skip to
Chimney we’ll go up (2 choices are given)

Have fun!

Haunted House Images

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