Recommended Resource: Creative Dance for All Ages 2nd edition

One of my blog followers asks:
I am trying to do an exercise, movement and dance course and need to prepare a movement sequence featuring air and floor patterns, for an adult class. Are there any resources you can suggest?

I always start by looking in Anne Green Gilbert’s book Creative Dance for All Ages.  It’s organized by concept.  Under ‘pathways’ you can find ideas.

Anne has just released a 2nd edition of the book.  It’s a real step up from the original 1992 publication.  I recommend it. If you don’t already own this book, get it.  If you have the original, get the new one.  She’s included music recommendations using Eric Chappelle’s Contrast and Continuum music and references the BrainDance (what I call ‘The Developmental Movement Pattern Sequence” as found on Brain Bop).

Here’s the link to Creative Dance for All Ages, 2nd edition.

Anyone have other great leads and suggestions?




June 8, 2015. Tags: , . Favorite Books, Kate Kuper on Teaching Creative Dance.


  1. Kerry replied:

    Thanks! I was not sure if the new version was different than the first, but now I will have to order it.

  2. Deanna Peters replied:

    Thanks! I did not know there was an updated version. Yay. thanks for letting us know.

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