Tambourine and Stick Info

People ask me about what hand-held instruments I prefer for teaching.

I use a tambourine with two rows of 8 jingles and a soft-headed mallet.

With the drum, I can cue starts and stops, freeze and move.

I can change the texture of the sound by playing the head of the drum with the stick, my hand, or against the side of my thigh.  I can play the side with the side of the stick, or my flat palm.  I can shake the jingles.

I can play a regular pulse on the drum head or side, alternating between the two to indicate a change of movement (e.g. from walking to hopping and back again).

This is the drum I use for “Drumtalk” when I teach children to listen for the different sounds and move to them: shake, freeze, melt and pop up.

If you want to order your own, here’s the info:

Tambourine with jingles

Remo Fiberskyn 3 (TA- 5210) Comes in black (70 is the product number for that color), red (52) or white (00)
My drum is black.


Vic Firth American Custom Timpani T1- General (VIC – VFT1)

Comes two to a package.  Each teacher needs only 1.


Best prices: Steve Weiss Music

Drum $26.95


Mallets ($24.95/pair)


Approx per teacher/classroom cost: $40 (excludes shipping)


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