A Lesson on Pathway for 4-5 year olds

Lesson 4 is on Pathways.

Pathways can be done through the air or on the floor, and are also called air patterns or floor patterns.
There are three basic pathways: curved, straight and zig-zag.

Curriculum Connection:
Pathways are useful for teaching the skill of forming letter shapes, numbers, and other things that involve writing.  You can “write” a pathway with any body part in any direction and make it big or small.   By playing with air and floor writing, you can make the practice unusual and therefore memorable.

This lesson plan –  4 Pathway for Ages 4-5  – does not connect overtly to writing, but could be adapted for that purpose. When you look for pictures to make the dances in the Creating part of the lesson, look for post cards that have a variety of lines and shapes that are relatively easy to ‘read’ with the eyes, and that also provide variety.

Happy Dancing!


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  1. Dancer replied:

    Thank you so much for your lessons and ideas! x

  2. Kerry Bevens replied:

    Great lesson idea! I like the use of the pictures for a pathway. I am thinking of adapting this idea to use with my 10 year old ballet students. Thanks!

  3. Kerry Bevens replied:

    Do you find that there is more brain activity happening when students speak or sing as they are moving? Do words help? I think so for many students. I believe I read some where that we have both a “music” mind and a “thinking” mind……I find that ALL my students get more out of an exercise when words or even a story is told before hand……Even my 10-12 year old ballet class.. We are choreographing a piece where the toys n the toy shop turn on the owner ……comical and fun. I am trying to find poetry ect.. to go with this because I think it really inspires the kids.. I love your music because the kids and myself really connect to it!

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