Mirror or not?

I was thinking about when to use the mirror and when to pull the curtain when teaching.  For my 4/5 and 6/7 classes, I don’t use the mirror at all.
We want to encourage a healthy self-image, sensory experience, and awareness of others.
We want students to have 360 degree awareness, not a “flat front” awareness.
When my co-teachers work with the 8-10s, they leave the curtain open.
As the children choreograph, they check their shapes in the mirror.  When they go across the floor, they occasionally check their line.

When to say ‘yes’ to the mirror, and when to leave it out?  What are your thoughts on that?


November 22, 2011. Studio Teaching.

One Comment

  1. Kerry replied:

    I sometime wish I didn’t have mirrors at my studio. I try to change formations enough so they are not looking at themselves all the time. I know many like to check posture ect. but I want the kids to feel this not just see it.

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