Thoughts on Creative Process

To build awareness of how dance-making works, I asked my college students this week to consider:
How was your dance constructed AND facilitated?  What role does the teacher/leader play when facilitating inside a group?  What questions can you ask from inside the group to generate diversity?

Good places to start are:

  • ask branching questions within the context of the concept (should we make a high shape or a low shape?) or that will generate contrasts in BEST (body, energy, space or time)
  •  encourage the idea-generator to lead that piece of the dance (Sarah suggested that we melt; let’s look at Sarah when we get to that part.  Simone showed a skip, let’s follow Simone for the skip)
  • bring the group back to the ‘top’ for review after adding a couple of new parts (“drop stones, not crumbs”)

Reflect on how another group’s dance was different from your own.  Ask them what they did to make the choice that stood out.

Collaboration is a big topic.  How does every voice get heard that wants to get heard?  Ideas can layer on each other.  Sarah’s shape starting idea could be built upon by Simone’s suggestion for how everyone can connect to make the shape. Model the layering approach.


September 24, 2011. Creating, Kate Kuper on Teaching Creative Dance.

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