Building Trust

I recently took a workshop with Ellen Allard and she talked about TRUST.
Children trust us when we honor their need to do things again and again, just as reading a favorite book with a parent again and again builds trust.

With trust comes attachment.  Attachment is CRUCIAL in the development of young children.  Attachment leads to empathy. Without empathy, a child can grow into an adult who does not care about the consequences of his/her actions, who is isolated and disenfranchised.

Repetition, done with enthusiasm not by rote, builds trust.  Children want to be able to count on us to provide safe, empathic and engaging structures that they can grow inside of.  Like a chick, they eventually hatch out and explore the larger world.  When they trust us to guide them in their growth, and we take the stewardship seriously, they are better for it: centered, confident, courageous.

The opposite of courage is not cowardice….it is conformity. I recently heard this remark from a wise presenter at a conference.

Let us support the development of children who have courage, who can grow up strong enough to choose morality over popularity.


June 8, 2011. Kate Kuper on Teaching Creative Dance.

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  1. Kate Kuper replied:

    Kerry said:
    My friend who is a psychologist in CA talks a lot of the problems many adults face because they did not attach to loving adults at an early age. I have been thinking about how wonderful creative dance is for so many relationship issues. How wonderful it must be as a child to come each week to a special place and learn and grow with others in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

    Creative dance can also introduce kids to great music that is not on the radio station in most homes and cars. We as teachers have the opportunity to fill children with good and wholesome opportunities. With all the media influences it is often hard to stay on path and I have been guilty of giving into the “public demands”, but I am going to work this summer to further look at my program and to match my studio with my values.

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