Questions about Studio Teaching

A question that came up lately is: What are the best days and times to have a studio program in creative dance for children?

What days of the week seem to conflict least with other things, and what time of day can you get kids into the studio?

What age groups seem to be most excited about creative dance (modern dance)?  Can you get 11-12 year olds into the studio for modern if they’ve never done creative as younger children?

What’s the youngest you teach?

How long are your creative classes for the different ages, how do you break them up (age? ability? gender? special needs?) and what do you call them?

Anyone who wants to share, please do.


May 21, 2011. Studio Teaching.

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  1. Andrea replied:

    I try to offer classes for the younger dancers on Tues and Wed. If kids have preschool, it’s usually every other day. So, they usually can come on the day they are not in school. I try to offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes to accommodate most.

    I offer Creative Dance beginning at age 2. Once they hit 5th grade they begin Modern. Modern is our most popular dance class. You need a good teacher, exciting choreography, and creative kids!

    Here’s my breakdown for Creative and Modern:
    Pre-dance Age 2 (30 min)
    Creative Dance Age 3 (45 min)
    Creative Dance Age 4 (45 min)
    Kinderdance Age 5 (1 hour combo)
    1st-2nd grade Creative (1 hour)
    3rd&4th grade Creative (1 hour)
    5th Grade and up Level 1-5 and Teen (1 hour)

    I do not separate gender or special needs.

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