Favorite Early Childhood Music

Here are my favorites for early childhood:

by Me!

Songs for Dancing: Down by the Station, Welcome, Shape Song, Little Birdies, Goodbye Song
AlphaBeat: Sodeo, Drumtalk, Show Your Feelings!, Action Dance, Little Seed
Step on the Beat: Apples and Oranges, Clap Along and Stick Together
Brain Bop: Early Childhood Warm Up, Haunted House, Brain Bop

Jim Gill
I won’t list the specific tracks.  His music is fun and funny for the younger set.

Children’s Dances Volume I (we dance to this a lot before class starts)

Eric Chappelle’s Contrast and Continuum Series (Vol 1-4)
Specifically, all the skippy tracks for across the floor, Vol 2 #11 for leaping, Vol 4 #17 for Resting, and Giants and Babies (Vol 1 #14)

Except for Jim Gill, who has his own website, all the rest are available from West Music or directly from the artists.

How about your favorites?


May 17, 2011. Favorite Music.


  1. Andrea replied:

    In addition to Kate’s, I like…

    Carole Peterson’s Stinky Cake: The Little Fish, I Like My Hat, B-Banana

    Greg and Steve’s Kids in Motion: Beanbag Boogie I and II, The Freeze, Body Talk, Animal Action

    Greg and Steve’s Kids in Action: Goin’ on a Bear Hunt

  2. mj replied:

    susan salidor, amy conley, charity khan, johnette downing, gari stein, kathy reind-naiman, sue schnitzer, eric chappelle and my fav, kate kuper

    • Kate Kuper replied:

      Some artists make music for singing and work forward to the movement. They are generally coming from a music place, or a child development place. Others – like me and Eric C – make music that starts movement activities and then works back to the song. Are any of the artists you mentioned above who you think start from movement first?

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