Front Loading and “I see”

One of the hardest things to do well is to get the pace of a class right and keep it moving.

Everyone knows that it’s important to overplan a lesson.

But how do you know if you’ve planned and paced the right lesson for your group?

Instant feedback teaches you alot.

A too-easy activity or a too-hard activity = you’ve lost them.

Imbalanced ratio of instruction time:moving time = same thing!

FRONT LOADING = Giving instruction at the top of the activity that will bring everyone up to speed on the same knowledge base.

So….how you front-load the lesson is crucial.

#1 Choose the fewest, most essential instructions for the front load.

#2 Layer on the details as they move.

#3 Use “I see” to provide instruction and feedback as they move. It also serves as an ‘indirect command.’

‘I SEE’ = You say what you see or what you WANT to see as they move, providing many options for movement choices within the parameters of the activity.  Example: You front-load for an activity about SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS.  As the students move, you say “I see arms moving around heads, I see people moving through the empty spacesI see people going over and under the empty spaces made by other dancers….”

No matter if you see these things or not, students will react and begin to make these choices.  That’s an ‘indirect command.’

Of course, if you are already getting diverse choices, you can say “I see (insert name of student here) moving between other people in the empty spaces….”


May 16, 2011. Kate Kuper on Teaching Creative Dance.

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